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Ancient World Mahjong II - Egypt Instructions

Ancient World Mahjong II - Egypt is a classic Mahjong game. The game has 6 layouts inspired by imagery and information from Egyptian history.
You have to clear all the tiles in pairs. Click on a tile to select it. Dark tiles are locked and can't be selected. To unlock the dark tiles try to clear tiles to the left or right of them.

You get 100 points for clearing each pair and up to 10000 bonus points for clearing all the tiles from the level. Every second you will lose 10 points from the possible bonus points. You have a limited number of 10 shuffles, 10 hints and 5 undos. You can undo up to 5 steps in a row.

There is also a handy auto hint system that will show an available move if you take too long to find one. These will not use any of your other hints up and is a really nice feature.

There are also a number of keyboard short cuts.
N - New Game
S - Shuffle Tiles
H - Show Hint
U - Undo Last Step
P - Pause and Unpause the game
M - Mute or unmute the sound

The four season tiles and flower tiles can be matched even though they are not identical. These tiles have numbers on the top left of them that make them easily recognisable.