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Aztec Mahjong Instructions

In this Aztec themed puzzle game try to remove all the tiles to progress to the next round. It's a fast paced version of the game each round has a small number of tiles although this gradually increases as you work your way through the 20 levels that are available.
Click the identical unlocked tiles to remove them. However this version has slightly different rules to many of the other ones on this site. Tiles can only be removed if two adjacent sides are open. So for example a tile can removed if it has a free space above it and a free space to the side. A tile with a free space on either side cannot be removed.

It took us a little while to get our heads around that one, that's for sure! To add your complications you only have a few minutes to win each round.

As you go through the game you will notice that you can select to start the last round that you opened up.

There is a bit of a flaw with the game. Although you can shuffle the layout at any time, if you run out of moves the game will say that you have lost. So to avoid this situation just make sure you shuffle the layout on the last available move.