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Dinosaur Hexajong Instructions

Dinosaurs rule the Earth in this interesting twist on the game you love! Try to remove all the dinosaur's before the time runs out. You only get two minutes on each level so you'll have to think quickly. However with so many more move possibilities presented by the unique game layout, you'll find that the game itself is quite fast moving.
Try to select two similar dinosaurs to remove them. You can only get rid of dinosaur tiles if they free. The dinosaurs are free to be selected if they are at the top of the stack with four sides of the hex that are empty at the same height. Because of the layouts you'll generally find there are more opportunities to match the pairs compared to more traditional variants.

While playing you'll notice that it is possible to leave more completely open tiles to use later. Use this to make completing a level easier. Try to beat the timer before it runs out.

If you can't remove any more tiles the game will shuffle them for you. Of course you can shuffle them yourself at any time too.

It is also worth mentioning that tiles are not allows in groups of 4, so the standard tactic of removing 4 similar tiles as soon as they are available can backfire!