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You must clear the board of themed hieroglyphic tiles for each of the 10 levels based in Egypt. After each level you'll have to spot the differences between the two pictures to continue playing. Experience the great Pyramids, the Karnak Temple, the Sphinx, the Nile and more as you discover this captivating country rich in history and mythology.

You have 10 minutes to try to complete both sections of each level.
After selecting a level you'll be presented with the game board for that level. Clear the board to move onto the spot the difference round of the level. Select pairs of similar and open tiles to remove them. Open tiles are ones that have a space free to either their left or their right where there is no tile or the stack of tiles is lower than the one you want to select. You'll have to complete each level before the time runs out!

Generally this game is a bit easier than some others as there are usually 10 tiles of each hieroglyph and the addition of automatically redistributing the board if you can not make a pair. You can use the hint button at any time to assist you.

In the spot the difference game, which is shown after each round simply select the differences between the two pictures using the mouse. Using a hint in this section will reduce the amount of time that you have, so be very careful as running out of time will mean that you lose.

If you don't like the standard tiles you can change them to images simply by clicking the tile button.