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Free Santa Mahjongg Instructions

In this quick play puzzle game with 80 levels, try to complete all 80 levels by finding and selecting the pair of Santas amongst the seasonal pictures and match them up as quickly as you can.
You must remove the Christmas images to find the Santas. Images can only be removed in pairs and there are certain conditions that must be fulfilled before you can select them. An image must have either the right or left side open with no other images next to it (unless it's below the stack) before it can be selected.

Remember the goal is to find the Santas! Once you get them so they are both open you can complete the level and move on. There is a time limit you must beat over the 80 levels. If you can't make a move the game will automatically re-deal the images. If you can't see a move then you can press the hint button for help.