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J'aime Mahjong II Instructions

For those who don't know, the game title means I Like Mahjong! Here you will find 80 levels to pit your wits against with a nice range of background images and two tile sets to choose from.
Pair tiles together and try to get rid of them all. Click on 2 of the same free stones to remove them from the game. A stone is free if there are no stones on top of it and if it has at least 1 free side (left or right).

Flower and season tiles can be paired with any variant of themselves. So for example you can pair a plum with an orchid (represented with the word Orc). The wind tiles, although they look quite similar must be paired as exact matches.

You have 20 minutes to complete as many levels as possible. Each time you use a hint, you will lose 100 points and if there are no more moves left then the automatic reshuffle costs 500 points. Naturally if you are aiming for a great high score you'll want to avoid using these features.