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Texas Mahjong Instructions

Obtain the highest score by building the best poker hands in this completely original mahjong game.
You are dealt two tiles, using those two tiles and a selection of three more tiles from the board you must try to create the best hands.

A tile can only be moved from the layout if there no tile to the right or left, and no tile stacked on top. If you need to undo a move, simply clicking the tile will return it to the layout. Tiles can be returned one at a time in reverse order of selection.

The Next Tile graphic shows you which new tiles you will receive next. Once the hand contains 5 cards press play to lay down the hand. When there are no more tiles in the layout the game ends.

The game uses two decks of cards and a joker. Naturally the joker will mimic the best possible card to create the highest value hand.

Rankings of the hands are a bit different from poker so it's worth showing the scoring for them.
Royal Flush - 20,000 points
Straight Flush - 10,000 points
Five of a Kind - 5,000 points
Four of a Kind - 3,000 points
Full House - 2,000 points
Flush - 1,500 points
Straight - 1,000 points
Three of a Kind - 300 points
Two Pairs - 200 points
A Pair - 100 points
High Card - Zero

To get the highest scores you should try to play in a way that maximises the score multipliers.

Target Hand - Each turn a new target hand is chosen. If you match it then the multiplier is awarded and will increase by one for the next target hand.

Streaks - Play the same hand in a row to get this multiplier. So for example if you lay down three Flushes in a row, the third flush will score you three times the number of points. Each time you break a streak the multiplier will reset.

Bonus Tiles - These highlighted tiles are randomly scattered throughout the board. Each bonus tile used in a hand will multiply your score by three. Use more than one bonus tile in a hand for massive points!