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Mahjongg Alchemy is a version of the popular mahjong board game, inspired by medieval chemistry. You always get a new layout when you deal a new tile set. Your objective is to clear each layout within the time limit of 15 minutes. You can match identical tiles and let them disappear. Tiles can only be selected if they are not blocked on the right or the left.

Mahjongg Alchemy
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Mahjongg Alchemy
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The tiles contain symbols known from medieval chemistry. The name and value of each of the tiles is presented in the left bottom when selecting it.


You have to select two identical tiles to make them disappear. Your objective is to clear the entire layout as fast as possible.

You can only select a tile if it is not blocked from the left or the right.

Time Limit

There is a time limit of 15 minutes to clear as many layouts as you can.


As mentioned earlier, each tile has its unique name and corresponding value. This value determines the score you obtain when matching it with an identical tile. You receive a higher score when matching a pair with a relative higher value.


This mahjong game provides a different layout each time you deal a new tileset. The names of the different layouts are:

Before starting your game, you will be informed of the layout that is dealt.


You can simply select tiles by clicking on them with your mouse.